Beyond the Call of Duty: Gunfight!

  • It was once called ‘The President’s Army,’ disbanded when President Reagan took Office, because no President should have that much power. One survivor from a group of 100 secret warriors, Wolfgang Hammersmith shares the stories from 86 missions across 41 countries and many life and death Gunfights!

    Leading Teams into battle at the age of 18 until he retired at 37, his Teams were comprised of highly-trained men and women from all branches of military service. Their job was to kill and destroy in the name of the United States.

    These never before revealed stories will draw you in as if you were part of the Team, under fire in forests, deserts, parking lots, on freeways and even in the frozen Arctic.

    Follow Hammersmith and his Teammates chasing traitors, recovering stolen intelligence, hunting illegal arms dealers, and destroying enemy weapon stockpiles throughout the world.

    These Teams always knew they were going to a Gunfight! This book isolates the action of each battle and includes the tactics and training scenarios used for their survival.

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Reader Reactions

"As an avid reader of books by other authors such as Tom Clancy, Dean Koontz and others, I found myself wanting to read more and more of this book. I have probably read just about everything on all of the battles from WWI and WWII. This book is very riveting and suspenseful. A definite must read. Especially since all of the stories are from real happenings." Jim Johnson / Gig Harbor, WA
"I’m up through the first three chapters—going on four. Absolutely Riveting!" Loal Davis
"The partial chapter I've read was all I needed to order Wolfgang's book. I'm hooked and greatly anticipate learning more about this man's fascinating life journey." Sean McCormick
Professional Martial Arts Instructor

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