Odd Humor and Holiday Song – Part 1 of 2

Every profession has its own inside humor and jokes. At this time of year there are some Christmas Carols that our community particularly appreciated that reflect the odd sense of humor that’s shared by people doing this work.

The intelligence guys enjoyed the classic,


You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry
You’d better not pout, I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town…

He’s making a list, he’s checkin’ it twice
He’s gonna find out whose naughty or nice
Santa Claus is coming to town…

He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows if you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
(so you’d) better be good for goodness sake

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry
You’d better not pout, I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town…

In my next post I’ll share the Christmas Carol appropriate for field operators.

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Wolfgang Hammersmith

Q/A – Wolfgang Hammersmith on Gangs

How did you deal with gangs when you encountered them?

With respect.  And I’m talking about Gangs, not warlord followers that are sometimes called gangs.  There’s a lot of pressure from law enforcement to eliminate Gangs, but many of us ask the question, where are these people, kids and adults, going to go?  Gangs are families extended into nations within nations and across nations.  Gangs have their own laws, their own territories.  They provide homes, parents, brothers, and sisters to those who have none.  They provide a structure instead of emptiness.  As far as violence goes, who am I to criticize violence?  I can say that violence is the supreme authority from which all other authority flows, and I understand that more than most.

When we had to operate within a gang’s territory, I asked permission from the highest Gang Leader who would talk with me.  When we had to deal with a Gang Member who was involved in a heinous crime, I always asked permission of the Gang Leaders, and sometimes they would deliver the perpetrator to us.  When they denied permission for us to access that person, we respected that decision and observed that frequently they handled it themselves within their own justice system.

I treated Gang Members with respect at all times, I always did what I said I would do, and I never betrayed that trust.  Gangs are here to stay, and maybe they have a lesson for all of us: Family matters, family is important.

Are you a gang member?

No.  I’m not a police officer, either.  I am neutral.  I respect Gang Members, Gang Leaders, their principles, their laws, their territories.  I have never had a duty, or orders, to eradicate gangs, and many police officers I talk with don’t either.  Gangs are beneficial to their members, and frequently to the people in territories they control, lowering crime and providing a social structure.  However, the means used by many gangs to extort protection money from legitimate businesses is an illegal method of obtaining income.  As the American Mafia evolved into legitimate business, perhaps the gangs will find that even more profit can be made by establishing legitimate insurance businesses.

Sometimes uninvolved people are killed and wounded in Gang combat, and there are other problems, so I’m not saying that Gangs are perfect.  But Gangs have the same kind and number of problems in various degrees that societies in all nations have.  Are their bad Gang Members?  Of course, and oddly enough, there are about the same ratio of bad guys in Gangs as there are everywhere else.  Bad guys are universal, they exist everywhere there are people.  Bad guys show no genuine respect to anyone and they have followers sometimes called ‘gangs,’ but those are not the Gangs I’m talking about.  In my experience, Gang Leaders do an efficient job of handling their bad guys under their Gang’s code and laws.

Was Chapter Ten, Dodge Car, about fighting against gang members?

No.  Lots of people ask me that.  These particular bad guys had stolen legitimately owned firearms and ammunition from people in several communities in that area, some of whom were gang members.  Being a gang member is not illegal in this country.  Committing crimes is, and in chapter ten are focus was stopping one group of bad guys from collecting arms for illegal international arms trade.

Did a gang member ever help you or your teams?

Yes, several times, and we have helped Gang Members return to their families when they were stuck out of their country, and in other ways just as we did with non-gang members.  In one instance I was wounded in a Gang’s territory in an action that had nothing to do with the Gang that controlled the area.  A Gang Member and his family helped me get healthy enough to egress.  It took a few days of their help, feeding me and caring for my needs, until I was ready.  I thanked him and his family, and he told me, ‘You’re welcome, but do not come back.’  I never did.

You sound like you are pro gangs.  Is that your position?

I’m neutral about Gangs; I’m pro people, justice, and kindness.  Gangs exist out of necessity.  Gang Members deserve our respect until they prove otherwise, just like everyone else.  Gang Leaders I have dealt with have been logical, fair, and provide justice within their nation-state second to none.  In fact, I find that the justice system within the Gangs I have had contact with is superior to that of the United States and many other nations, where people seem to be able to do just about anything they want if they pay their lawyer and politicians enough.  Don’t try that in a Gang!

There are a few recent parallels in major nations.  For example, in Franco’s Spain, you could do anything you wanted to do, amass any amount of wealth you wanted, if you didn’t violate specific laws and boundaries.   Did he have a secret police that did incredibly violent things to those who crossed the line?  Hell yes.  But the rules were clear and unchanging.  If you didn’t cross the line, you could live a peaceful and productive life.  Spain under Franco was on my short list of places where you didn’t have to carry a gun all the time.

I worked a few cases in Las Vegas, NV, USA, and talked with some of the senior detectives there.  One of them told me that he missed the Las Vegas that was run by the Mafia because everything was clear.   He said, ‘You could ask a Mob Boss about a bad guy you were looking for, or anything else.  He would tell you about it, or tell you he couldn’t talk about it, and that was that.  And they cleaned up after their own bad guys, making our job a lot easier.’  These beneficial dictatorships are rare in the major nations of the world today, but they exist in the best Gangs that have strong leadership.

Will you identify the gangs or gang members you worked with so we can interview them?

No, I will not.  That time was spent building understanding, honor, and respect between us, and it is not open to anyone else.


Thanks for reading,

Wolfgang Hammersmith

1st 100 with bullet hole all sold out – Limited Edition still available!

The first 100 Special Edition copies are all sold out…

The remaining Limited Edition books are still available….When those are all gone we are off to Amazon.com.

The cover you see on the website will never be printed again.

Below is an email mail we received from a reader who had no idea about the first 100 shot books….


I recently purchased your book after reading an article about your book and yesterday it was delivered.

Upon opening the envelope it was sealed in, I noticed something strange about the cover.  I thought that my book was somehow damaged during handling.

I inspected the damage closer and knew it had to be a bullet hole!  (Maybe a 9mm or .40? My girlfriend was not nearly as excited about this as I was). Flipping to the inside first page, I noticed that the bullet had grazed the edge of the page, as if the book was hung by a clip on the front cover and then shot at on a range.  I also saw that you had signed the book yourself.

The whole reason I am writing you is because you may never meet me, but I have an incredible respect for you have done and for the person it has made you.  In the few chapters I’ve been able to read from yesterday to today, I already know I like you.  On top of that, my book is signed by you and has a bullet hole through it.  That is hands down the coolest promotional thing that I will ever see done to a book, or maybe even anything that I ever buy.

That simple hole really added a profound message to my purchase; that someone had taken the time to set it up to be able to be shot.  I will never forget that.

Thank you for your service and for sharing your knowledge with those who care to take the time to know it.

Have a great Christmas,


Thanks for reading,

Wolfgang Hammersmith

Women in the US Military: New Status?

Contrary to general public knowledge, women have served as active war-fighters in combat in the US Military since the formation of the United States.

In many cases, their heroic participation was kept from the history books but recently there was an announcement by the US Military that women will now be considered as standard US combat personnel. This is odd as something old is being called “new.”

For nineteen years since 1968 I had top professional soldiers who were also women on my combat Teams where they performed equally with the men, and my teams recorded approximately the same number of outstanding performances in active combat for both sexes.

I fought beside women in combat who, because of their outstanding bravery and in some cases, sacrifice, deserved the Congressional Medal of Honor but were not awarded it. Israel has had women warfighters in their military forever where they serve with honor, and so have many other nations.

Women served with distinction in US active combat units operating in Europe against the Nazi forces there, but received little or no recognition. Wouldn’t it be nice if this announcement of a “new” status for women war-fighters also honored the women who have served with heroic dedication who were overlooked in the past?

While I’m sure that won’t happen because the PTB (Powers That Be) won’t admit to that grand mistake, it’s well past time that women who serve in the US Military are recognized as high-quality professional soldiers, openly decorated for their bravery and efficiency in combat, and thanked for their service and sacrifice equally with men.

Women play FPS games with valor and success, echoing their soldier counterparts, and they fight just as well as the professional women soldiers I describe in my book, BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY: GUNFIGHT! Women are also more efficient in planning strategy under fire than men, in many cases.

In fact, I believe it is important that female Gamers continue to perform with distinction in Game World, thereby leading the path to recognition for woman soldiers serving in Real World combat today!


Thanks for reading,

Wolfgang Hammersmith

What can you tell Gamers about real combat, that would surprise them?

I was recently asked what I could tell Gamers about real combat, that would surprise them?

There are several places in the world where we can go right now to experience real combat in just a few hours. Most people in the US are not aware that life-and-death combat is that close by.

We all realize that there are many differences between Game World and Real World combat, but perhaps the most surprising and seldom mentioned is the effect of raw uncertainty that’s always present in real combat.

Standing in the midst of combat in Game World we all absolutely know, so well that we don’t’ think about it, that we’re going to stop playing the game and get a sandwich, go skateboarding, or do the next thing.

This knowledge is part of our stability. We draw comfort from it. Most of us take our home for granted in such a foundational way that we rely upon the permanence of it without realizing it. We get quite upset when our homes are threatened or destroyed.

Normally, we pay little attention to what surrounds most of us at home. It doesn’t cross our minds as we play at combat.

But in Real World combat zones the reverse is true. You are away from home or maybe fighting for your home. You can no longer count on anything around you to be permanent, not people, not places, not things, and you don’t know if you’re going to be lying on the ground screaming as you die, have a hand blown off, or be instantly dead – and this is the kicker – from one second to the next!

Living with this constant uncertainty, not being able to take a break from it, is the underlying stressor that causes people to fall apart in active combat zones more often than actual fighting does.

But even being in the action, fighting in a combat zone, ending other people’s lives, makes that nagging uncertainty worse because doing it to others increases the realization that others can do it to you.

And this is the unsettling thing one sees in the eyes of many veterans who were in combat in all wars. They look at you but you can’t keep their attention; you clearly see them but their perception is that nothing around them, not even you, is permanent. They rediscover you after just a few seconds, over and over again.

Be kind to these injured people, these brave veterans, when you come across them. They mean no disrespect. Thank them, for they have given far more than their physical wounds. They have sacrificed their peace of mind for your way of life.


Thanks for reading,

Wolfgang Hammersmith

Audio Interview – Wolfgang on the Mike and Tom Show

How do you spend your “LIFE MINUTES” ? What about your sense of Humor? Learn about the 10 true stories about modern warfare and black ops from Lt. Col. Wolfgang Hammersmith as he just released his book called: BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY, GUNFIGHT


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Wolfgang Hammersmith

Rifles and Shotguns vs Pistols

Wolfgang was asked by a gamer what the reality of a pistol vs a Rifle was. He then expands his thoughts on the Shotgun. Hear his thoughts below:


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Wolfgang Hammersmith

Combat Principles in Real World and Game World: Can They Merge?

When a new release of a well-liked game comes out, we all want to immerse ourselves in the experience, and that is the power of FPS games: We’re inside Game World dealing with new elements, new vistas, new dimensions that the designers have opened for us. This is also how we test and identify Combat Principles that work in Game World and Real World.

Regardless of where we find ourselves, the Principles of Combat remain the same. Let’s look forward to the new experiences in Call of Duty, Black Ops, but also to utilizing the Combat Principles we already know, but in a new game’s environment. Some of these Principles are

  • Slow is smooth and smooth is fast
  • Don’t discharge a firearm until you have a target
  • Draw out your enemy, don’t rush in
  • Let doubt about your position build the next action.

There are more, so let’s work together to identify those Combat Principles that work in both worlds.

In your experience, what real-life combat principles have worked well in the game world?

Wolfgang Hammersmith

The Tactical El Presidente

This drill represents the worst scenario in real life gunfights. Three opponents in a line can visit fire upon you at once, what you see below is Wolfgang in one smooth motion firing one shot in each of the opponents, and two in the third, before moving back to finish them off.

Wolfgang Explains the Tactical El Presidente:


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Wolfgang Hammersmith