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Over his extensive professional career, Wolfgang Hammersmith has studied and mastered a wide range of topics. He is an accomplished musician and photographer and has also enjoyed success in fields such as martial arts, sailing, and chess. Wolfgang currently draws on his specialized background by collecting stories from military personnel and a number of other diverse experts as a creative writer. At this time, he is working on the following books:

The Bent Legacy

This fact-based novel is about human trafficking and work being done against it.

Gunfight! 2

This book based on interviews describes 15 real gunfights with ‘between mission stories.’

The Letters

This book will contain letters hand-written by Wolfgang to his godson during the time his godson  was at the Naval Academy.

The Stahlman Illustration

This fictional novel, based upon fact, explores how patterns can affect the human decision process.

The Wrath of Peace

This book focuses on the role and operations of unconventional international peacekeeping forces.

The President’s Daughter

This novel is about a woman who discovers that her father is a ruthless killer.

Down By The Riverside

This book considers how life sometimes throws startling surprises into our paths.

Comprehensive Pistolcraft

Wolfgang is a graduate of the American Pistol Institute in Paulden, AZ, where he earned two International Practice Shooters Confederation Gold Seal Certificates in Combat Pistolcraft, Expert, General Pistol and Marksman, 1st Class, Special Pistol, by instructors Col. Jeff Cooper and Louis Awerbuck in 1985. Wolfgang draws on these studies as he works on his books about pistolcraft tactics, stories, and related incidents.

Comprehensive Knife Fighting

Wolfgang began studying knife fighting at age 15 and achieved the Comprehensive Knife Fighting Instructor award from Grand Master Heinrich Sennet in 1973. He would go on to obtain his 10th Degree Black Belt Master in Gull Wing Knife Fighting from Master Toshiro Sujumi in 1976 and Grand Master in Comprehensive Knife Fighting from Grand Master Jose Garva of Spain in 1984. He pulls from these experiences, as well as his studies in Escrima/Arnis Knife Fighting, while writing various fiction and non-fiction books and articles.

Wolfgang developed his writing skills in the Sol Stein Novel Writer’s Course and in other studies since the early 80′s.

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