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Wolfgang Hammersmith

Wolfgang Hammersmith currently works with Vadium, Inc. where his official title is Founder, Senior Vice President, Advanced Research and Security. He is also an accomplished inventor, cinematographer, author, and rated Open Circuit Scuba Diver. During his creative journalism endeavors, he draws on professional ratings and experiences in the mediums of:


Hammersmith is a licensed Helicopter Pilot and Gyrocopter Pilot, Rotorcraft rating, #3521479. As a helicopter pilot, he has gained Pilot-in-Charge time on Hughes 500D & 500E, Hughes 300C, and the Bell Jet Ranger.  When working with an experienced helicopter pilot, Hammersmith knows what maneuvers to specify when using motion picture, still, and video cameras. In airships.

Hammersmith also designed and commissioned the building of a unique, tandem, in-line gyrocopter. Designated the M2, this gyrocopter was built for low-level aerial cinematography and also served as a law enforcement aerial platform prototype.


Wolfgang Hammersmith became a NASDS Open Circuit Scuba Diver in 1964 and is a current PADI Dive Master and Master Diver #DM-89810 since 1994, logging 2,997 hours underwater in 4,296 dives over a 52-year period, performing work as an underwater photographer and cinematographer. As a former member of the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians, he created a number of techniques used today for underwater motion picture production. He has also produced hundreds of educational/instructional films and videos and several professional diver training programs.

Additionally, Hammersmith is a former USCG Licensed 200 Ton Ship’s Master, License # 784654, with international ratings in sailing auxiliary, deck operations, commercial towing assistance, world navigation and pilotage, near and offshore dead reckoning, and heavy weather.

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Hammersmith has 55 years of martial arts education in  Jeet Kune Do and Escrima, Shotokan Karate, Comprehensive Knife Fighting, Martial Archery, San Shu Kung Fu, and other martial arts, obtaining instructor certificates in several styles. He has continued Comprehensive Pistolcraft, Martial Archery, and Knife Fighting studies to present day.

Hammersmith also has an extensive background in firearms training, use, and instruction. His first training began in 1962 at age 12, and he continues his study of Pistolcraft and Small Arms to present day.  At the American Pistol Institute in Paulden, Arizona under instructors Col. Jeff Cooper and Lewis Awerbuck, he graduated from two courses in 1985. He currently holds Concealed Weapon permits for Washington, Nevada, Florida, and Utah. He is also an Armed Private Investigator, and the owner and Chief Investigator of United Legal Research & Investigations, Ltd., a Private Investigations Agency licensed in the State of Washington. He is a former Combat Tactical Firearms Instructor, Course Director, and Combat Range Master.

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